Conley hosts study on adverse childhood experiences

  • Toxic stress on children

State Rep. Sherrie Conley recently hosted an interim study examining the effects of ACES (adverse childhood experiences) and toxic stress on children’s classroom behavior, as well as steps schools may take to help avoid suspension.

The study was held before the House Education Committee.

“Violence in the classroom has become a nationwide epidemic,” Conley, R-Newcastle, said in a news release. “The underlying cause often is traced to ACES or toxic stress. These manifest as struggles in the classroom that then lead to destructive life choices that stretch into adulthood for many of our children.”

Conley said she hoped the study would help lawmakers find solutions that could help children overcome adverse childhood experiences.

The study included experts who discussed ACES and toxic stress and explained how schools deal with the resulting behavioral issues. The experts also looked at methods for addressing the problem that might produce better results.