Labor Department license renewal period extended

  • Oklahoma State Department of Labor
    Oklahoma State Department of Labor

OKLAHOMA CITY – Gov. Kevin Stitt has decreed that all occupational licenses currently in existence will automatically be extended until the lifting of his recent decree dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Amended Executive Order 2020-07 issued by Stitt decrees, “All occupational licenses issued by any agency, board or commission of the State of Oklahoma that expire during this emergency shall be extended so long as this Order is in effect.” All occupational licenses extended during this Order will expire 14 days after withdrawal or termination of the order. Since the Amended Executive Order was issued on March 17 and remains effective until April 16, any occupational license that would otherwise expire during this emergency shall not expire until May 1, State Labor Commissioner Leslie Osborn announced recently.

Oklahoma Department of Labor license applications and renewals will still be accepted and applications can be completed online at Payments and accompanying documents relating to ODOL licensure should be mailed directly to the respective program at Oklahoma Department of Labor, 3017 N. Stiles Ave., #100, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Since the State of Oklahoma is under a state of emergency pursuant to an executive order issued by Governor Stitt, the state Labor Department is closed to the public and all meetings in the building have been canceled until April 30. “All interactions with ODOL will be conducted by telephone or electronically,” Osborn decreed.

If you have any questions, contact the ODOL at 405-521-6100, toll-free 1-888-269-5353, or by fax at 405-521-6018. For questions about licensing, email Questions about wage claims should be emailed to wageclaims@