Energy conservation measures encouraged


TULSA – At the request of the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), Public Service Co. of Oklahoma (PSO) has asked all of its customers to implement energy conservation measures to mitigate the risk of worsening conditions with power supplies in the region.SPP, the regional entity that manages the electric grid across 17 central and western U.S. states, is asking for those conservation measures over the next several days. According to SPP’s analysis of current forecast data, the region’s energy supply may continue to tighten over the next several days because of persistent, widespread and extreme cold. Customers can help reduce the risk of widespread and longer-lasting outages by temporarily reducing the amount of energy they use.PSO asks its customers to turn down thermostats and reduce usage of large appliances to limit consumption of electricity so that no further measures are necessary.

The company stresses that customers should use the energy needed for personal safety and to protect against property damage, but minor adjustments to thermostats and other measures can make a significant difference to the system. Matt Skinner, the public information officer for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, which regulates utilities in this state, issued a similar appeal Sunday. The winter storm and ultra-low windchill temperatures are increasing demand for natural gas and driving up short-term prices. “Lowering your natural gas use and electric use can help, as several power plants in the state use natural gas,” Skinner said.“Here’s how you can help,” he said:
Lower your thermostat to at least 68°.
Avoid using high-energy appliances such as washers, dryers and dishwashers.
Unplug unused small appliances; these draw electricity even when turned off.