Judges release statement to jurors about COVID concerns

  •  COVID concerns

You may receive a summons for jury service in the coming weeks.

Jury service is a legal obligation as well as a civic duty. The services performed by jurors are as important and essential to the administration of justice as those performed by the judge and the attorneys.

Your service is requested and needed; however, we understand that we find ourselves in unprecedented times. Local and county officials are taking all necessary precautions to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for those that visit the Comanche County Courthouse.

However, no one can guarantee an environment without any risk of exposure. You may be an individual who is at higher risk due to pre-existing health conditions and/or advanced age, or you may live with someone in a higher risk category. If you feel that this applies to you, please call 580- 581-4595 and an excusal from jury service will be authorized if this presents undue physical hardship.

Your very important service is appreciated and we will take all reasonable steps to reduce exposure to COVID-19 during your service as juror. Masks and social distancing will be required. Your safety, health and peace of mind are foremost in our consideration.