Norman ranked among top affordable suburbs

  • Norman, Oklahoma is rated high for affordability.

NORMAN – A mix of indoor and outdoor space, affordability and a big-city atmosphere make Norman one of the top U.S. suburbs, according to the real estate website Zillow and the crowd-sourced review site Yelp.

Norman was ranked ninth in the companies’ new Cityness Index, which identified the U.S. suburbs that have succeeded in striking a balance between small-town living and a big-city atmosphere, the companies released. The index combined data from Zillow and Yelp to identify relatively affordable suburbs with features that create a big-city feeling.

The index looked at home values compared to the nearest big cities and the country as a whole, housing availability, the mix of businesses and consumer reviews and check-ins.

Zillow and Yelp used those standards to assign a Cityness Index score to hundreds of suburbs across the country, then identified the highest scores in 50 of the biggest cities.

Norman had a score of 58.2 and was ranked ninth, according to the news release. The city’s combination of a smalltown atmosphere and vibrant nightlife, along with numerous coffee shops and parks, contributed to its ranking.