Rally touts Trump’s successes


Attendees question the legitimacy of Biden’s victory

  • Rally touts Trump’s successes

OKLAHOMA CITY – A spontaneous rally was held on the steps of the Oklahoma State Capitol Saturday by fervent supporters of Republican President Donald J. Trump, who allegedly lost to Democratic challenger Joseph R. Biden to be America’s next president.

A counterprotest, held by supporters of Biden, Democrats and progressive causes, also took place on this chilly, windy autumn afternoon.

Oklahoma City resident Kim Scherer wore a red “Make America Great Again” cap while holding a sign reading “#StopTheSteal and a homemade mask promoting the controversial COVID-19 conspiracy documentary Plandemic. She and several companions had a lot to say about alleged chicanery in the election process.

“I just know that the Democrats are crooked,” Scherer said. “They’re trying to steal the vote.”

The announcement that Biden had won, made earlier in the day, did not come as a surprise to either Scherer or her friend Tiffany Sullivan of Ninnekah. For example, they said, when the “Trump Train” rally was driving around the Capitol, there were no media present. It was not until the leftists showed up that the media, TV helicopters, and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers appeared.

“It’s a planned deal,” Scherer said, noting strange things that happened ranging from ballots disappearing in Michigan to a seemingly scripted, media announcement about Biden’s victory.

“Just one thing after another, trying to sabotage our president and our country,” Scherer said.

“And look at Twitter. If you’re a conservative, or for the president, or for our country, you’re shut down.”

Tiffany Sullivan, who was standing with her son who held onto a Trump flag like a superhero cape, made it quite plain why she showed up to Saturday’s rally: “I want to ‘stop the steal.’ I am here, standing up for the truth.”

Pointing to the counter-protesters, local Black Lives Matter, Antifa and leftist activists holding flags and filming the scene on their phones, Scherer dismissed them as “saboteurs” who will be used and discarded later by Biden and the Democrats.

The leftists in the crowd, one holding a “Pro-Women, Pro-Choice” flag whipping in the steady, Oklahoma wind, argued with a Trump supporter over the issue of abortion.

“It’s a women’s right to choose,” the flag-wielding man exclaimed.

“It’s murdering babies,” replied an equally outraged, female pro-Trump protester.

And while the debates between the two sides were heated at times, and a few curse words were thrown about, it was generally civil as police watched and helicopters buzzed like bees overhead.

Regarding Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, a man in a “Know Jesus, Know Peace” T-shirt claimed, “She’s a red-dot Indian and Jamaican; she’s not Black.” Black protesters disagreed, saying she was indeed Black.

“What has Biden done for Blacks?” one red-faced man asked the leftists. “Biden hates Blacks.”

Another protester claimed that Trump had done far more for minorities and given them record employment opportunities during his time in office and that it was only impacted because of the pandemic.

The pro-Trump crowd, few of which were wearing masks, implied the coronavirus was not as serious as medical science claimed.

Pro-Trump activist David Ball was holding an American flag and debating with anyone who would challenge their presence in front of the Capitol, in support of the president.

“I’m a patriot. I love my country,” Ball said. “The office of the President of the United States is the most important office in the world, and we are the most important country in the world.”

And with President Trump, Ball said, we should be very thankful he did not drag America into another war.

“There has been more world peace since he has been in office than at any other time I can think of,” he said. “I think that is a huge milestone in the world today.”

Ball said he and others there simply wanted people to educate themselves about politics and the details on who is running and why.

As for the presidential election, Ball said he senses shady activity took place. He and others at the rally echoed instances in which ballots disappeared or were altered or forged.

The Trump administration is “leaving it up to the lawyers” about going to court over the election results, which many question.

“I hope they find things that are odd and out of place,” he said as the pro-Trump side and their opponents began to disperse as the sun set on another day in 2020 America.