Stitt issues order on rule reform

  • Break The Tape
    Break The Tape

OKLAHOMA CITY – Gov. Kevin Stitt has issued an executive order to address the state’s excessive red tape and implement regulation reform with the goal of reducing red tape by 25% by 2023.

“Oklahoma’s administrative code is double the size of the state of Kansas’ and 20% more than Missouri and New Mexico,” Gov. Stitt said. “In order for us to become a Top Ten State, we must reduce outdated and burdensome regulations that overshadow our economy, while protecting those regulations necessary to preserve public health, welfare, and safety.”

Executive Order 2020-03 directs all state agencies to undertake a comprehensive review of the agency’s administrative rules and regulations to identify costly, ineffective, duplicative and outdated regulations. The executive order also calls for all state agencies to remove two regulations for every new one created.

In addition, a new website,, gives Oklahomans the ability to be a part of the initiative.