Endorsement: For Daniel Pae for House District 62

  • We hope you will join us in supporting Daniel Pae for House District 62.

We must give our elected officials the time to make a true impact.

Too often lately elections have been about change. Sometimes change is needed. But when we are fortunate enough to have elected a great leader, we must acknowledge their efforts and allow them to lead.

In his first term as representative for House District 62, Republican Daniel Pae has risen to the rank of Vice Chair on the Government Efficiency Committee. He also holds prominent seats on the County and Municipal Government, Veteran and Military Affairs, and Appropriations & Budgeting for Human Services committees. During the 57th Legislature, Pae authored 30 different measures in the House, including HB 1071 authorizing a speed limit increase on state turnpikes from 75 to 80 miles per hour, which was signed by Governor Stitt in April 2019. (Although the law went into effect in November 2019, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority has refused to implement it--another reason to evaluate the amount of power placed in the hands of our state agencies and their unelected agency heads!)

Pae, a lifelong Lawtonian, was raised to be hardworking and community-minded. His family has owned and operated a local dry-cleaning business for decades, and Pae’s interactions with the business have helped shape his conservative values. Rep. Pae understands the plight of small businesses and the degree of which they impact the local economy. He knows that protecting small businesses from increased regulation and taxation is vital for long-term growth.

Local businesses keep money in the local economy, which stimulates growth and job creation where it matters most--our community. Rep. Pae believes in a fiscally sound government with a sustainable budget that acknowledges every dollar government has came from the taxpayers.

It has become all too easy for politicians on both sides of the aisle to shortsightedly score cheap political points by cutting services and reducing taxes rather than addressing our true budget issues--strong revenues from diverse sources coupled with an even stronger call for accountability of taxpayer monies.

Cutting core services simply isn’t an option anymore. We must ensure that the revenue stream is in place to fund our state government and our essential services remain strong. Pae’s voice in the budgeting process is to ensure the long-term security of our state. That’s not just good for Lawtonians, its good for all of Oklahoma.

While education is the bedrock of a strong future, too many teachers are exiting Oklahoma. In addition to voluntarily substituting in the classroom, Pae continues to fight for teacher pay raises and proper education funding. We know the pain of teacher shortages right here in District 62 and deserve a true advocate for education representing our needs.

Pae understands that state government cannot be simplified down to catchy sound bites. Whether it is teacher pay, retirement benefits of public employees, police reform or regulating our state turnpikes – he has our best interests at the State Capitol. He needs our votes.

We hope you will join us in supporting Daniel Pae for House District 62.