A reason to make Lawton your forever home


By Nicole Bucher 

  • Improving Lawton

As a long-time resident of Lawton, I am strongly in favor of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

Just take a look at the transformation that has taken place in Oklahoma City through similar improvements. OKC once struggled to bring in new industry because corporations feared their employees would not want to move there. Oklahoma City now ranks as a top city for millennial job seekers. I don’t expect Lawton to become OKC, but they have characteristics we should emulate. That will only be accomplished through the CIP.

In the past, job seekers moved to wherever the jobs were. Studies show that millennials do not do this. They are choosing the cities they wish to live in before even beginning a job search. The CIP will not raise taxes, it will simply extend the current CIP. A 10-year extension will generate nearly 200 million dollars. Just think of how far those funds can go!

These funds will go toward sidewalks, streets, and utility improvements. Nearly 30 million will be used for industrial development, adding numerous job opportunities. Research shows that when job opportunities are added to a city, many other important factors improve such as education level, and crime rates also drop. Funds will also help to improve public recreation areas and add a new sports complex which will continue to generate funds for the city for years to come.

The CIP will give my children and yours a reason to be proud to make Lawton their forever home. Please vote “yes” on Feb. 11.


Nicole Bucher is the Marketing Manager for Light Alive Marketing and volunteers for many organizations in the Lawton community.