For Stephanie Bice for CD5

  • Stephanie Bice arrives to applause at an Oklahoma City watch party after winning the Republican 5th Congressional District runoff election in August.

In the few days left leading up to the November 3rd general election, it is important that this newspaper make it perfectly clear that when it comes to Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District race that Republican Stephanie Bice is the right choice over incumbent Democrat Kendra Horn.

Bice, who has served as a senator in the Oklahoma legislature since 2014, has worked tirelessly not only for her constituents in Senate District 22 in northwest Oklahoma City, but for all of the citizens in our great state.

Just a few weeks shy of her 47th birthday, this committed conservative is showing citizens that she has what it takes to go to Washington. After her runoff victory in August, it was clear that Republicans, Independents and a few Democrats have heard and are keen on sending Bice to Washington, after having witnessed her successful, effective and pragmatic six years in the Oklahoma State Capitol.

We know that OK-5 is one of the top seats in the country that the GOP are seeking to reclaim from Democrats, a party that has shifted further left in the two years since Horn took the seat from Republicans – the first time in over four decades. The liberal agenda promoted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi alarms us and is giving pause to many voters who see Horn as being in lockstep with that very agenda of big government, less freedom and fewer American jobs.

But while the previous Republican may not have worked hard enough to win again in 2018, Republicans in the 5th District are highly motivated in making the district red again.

Bice has made some key issues the focus of her campaign.

HEALTHCARE: She will work to ensure families have the power and control to make decisions about their own healthcare.

BORDERS: Bice understands how broken America’s immigration system is. Yet she knows that having secure borders – more technology, Border Patrol agents and a wall, as emphasized by President Trump – is key to securing our nation. That said, our state’s workforce needs can be better met when the immigration process is corrected and streamlined, something she is committed to doing once in office.

INFRASTRUCTURE: As a state senator, Bice has worked tirelessly to see that Oklahoma’s infrastructure needs are met and improved upon. Once at Capitol Hill, she has stated that she will work equally hard to see that the infrastructure needs of America are met and funding is secured.

“Knowing where Stephanie stands made it easy for our membership to overwhelmingly vote to endorse her as the next congresswoman from Oklahoma.”

EDUCATION: While her incumbent opponent has been hammering away at Bice for allegedly being weak on supporting education, Bice has been a proven advocate for education while serving in the State Senate. Once in Washington, she will work towards for education at the federal level, supporting funding for vocational schools and training programs to expand access and career options for our children.

VETERANS AND SENIORS: Bice has always been a friend and advocate of our seniors and military veterans. Re- garding the latter, she has committed to untangling the frustrating bureaucracy at the Veterans Administration, while seeing to it that our veterans have ample access to quality medical care, job opportunities and obtaining new educational skills. Regarding her commitment to seniors, she has been named AARP Legislator of the Year.

REFORM: Bice was also effective in the State Senate seeing to it that criminal justice reform became a reality in our state. She also effectively reformed Oklahoma’s liquor laws, the first time it had been done in over 60 years. As chair of the Senate Finance Committee, a Congresswoman Bice will take that “can-do spirit” to DC and show Congress how a fourth-generation Oklahoman gets it done.

Bice has been a rising Republican star in Oklahoma politics and rightly now has her eye on Congress. We here at Southwest Ledger have seen Senator Bice in action both on the floor of the Senate, fighting for her constituents, and out in the district, having a cup of coffee with folks and telling them where she stands on any particular issue.

We know Stephanie Bice.

She is a workhorse. She has an incredibly sharp mind while also being a problem-solver and someone who will take time to listen.

As we noted in our endorsement back in August, prior to the GOP runoff, Southwest Ledger remains impressed with what it has seen in this energetic frontrunner who is leading a new generation of conservative leaders here in the Sooner State.

And, at that time we also noted something Stephanie Bice said at the end of a debate she had in Oklahoma City: that it was “going to take an army of people to defeat the Democrats and Kendra Horn and Nancy Pelosi in November.” She then added, “I will always fight for Oklahoma’s future.”

We believe her now, just as we did two months ago. And it is a big part of why Southwest Ledger is endorsing Stephanie Bice in Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional race on November 3rd.

PRO-LIFE: As a lifelong Catholic, Bice is committed to protecting the unborn and supporting pro-life policies.

GUNS: With an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, Bice is strong on Second Amendment issues. Keeping the right to bear arms is a constitutionally protected right and one she is absolutely firm about. Bearing that in mind, Bice has also secured an endorsement from the Oklahoma Fraternal Order of Police for her strong position on public safety. As Oklahoma FOP President Mark Nelson said in a statement this past summer