Thoughts on the CIP from a local business owner


By Jim Landmark UPS Store Lawton Franchise

  • Lawton, Oklahoma

In 2015, after returning to my hometown of Lawton, my wife and I opened The UPS Store on Second Street, believing that this was a business that would offer products and services that would benefit the city and the surrounding area. At the end of four years in business, we have expanded and have further expansion plans. Suffice to say, we are heavily invested in Lawton.

The upcoming CIP vote is of great concern to us, as we believe that a positive vote for the CIP is a positive vote for the future of our city. Lawton needs jobs. Lawton needs infrastructure. Lawton needs updated technology. Lawton needs a plan to recover population and sustain growth. And while the CIP may not be able address all of the issues immediately, it is certainly a huge step in the right direction. Simply put, without raising taxes, the CIP provides sufficient funds to address critical needs of today and build a foundation for the future. The lack of funding in long term planning has forced Lawton to scrape and scrap together a budget that robs from one project to pay for the emergencies of another  This simply cannot continue. We must plan for a brighter future in order to achieve one. A budget that looks to the future with clarity and cohesiveness, preparing for prosperity as well as lean years, will allow the city to move forward with positive measures that will entice and retain new citizens to our area.

In January of 2019, citizens voted to reallocate existing CIP monies to begin to address critical needs within economic development and technology. This was a significant move. The upcoming CIP can now address strategic needs across all departments, including crucial funds necessary to complete and maintain the technology transformation. This CIP will allow our city the opportunity to cast a vision for tomorrow. And from ancient times, the words of King Solomon reminds us that “where there is no vision, the people perish.” Finally, there are business (both large and small) whose investment decisions hinge on this vote. They wait to see if we, the citizens of Lawton, are willing to make the investment that we ask of them. And as business owners and residents of Lawton, we ask you to join us in voting YES to Lawton’s future on February 11.