Aeronautics Commission names new state director

  • Aeronautics Commission names new state director

The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission, a state agency that promotes aviation, recently named Grayson Ardies as its new state director of aeronautics.

The commission confirmed Ardies’ appointment on Oct. 14, and his tenure as director began Nov. 1.

Ardies started in 2009 as an airport and aerospace industry development intern and has moved up the ranks, the agency said in a media release. Most recently, he served as the agency’s deputy director.

Ardies, 33, has made significant contributions to Oklahoma aviation and aeronautics, the agency said. The agency also said that Ardies has provided excellent services to people in the aviation and aerospace communities.

“Grayson is one of the youngest state agency directors in Oklahoma history, and that speaks volumes to his capabilities,” said Oklahoma Transportation Secretary Tim Gatz. “He possesses a unique combination of technical knowledge to solve complex challenges and also being able to convey to the public the vital benefits of aeronautics investments. I am excited to work with Grayson in his new role.”

Ardies has led many statewide initiatives, including a three-year project with the Legislature to protect military training airspace, according to the news release.

He recently received the 2020 State Aviation Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of State Aviation Officials, which honors state aviation officials who have an outstanding track record of dedication to developing the industry in their state.

Ardies replaces longtime director Victor Bird, who announced his retirement in October after serving as director for 18 years.