OKC ranks among the safest U.S. cities

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is one of the 10 safest large U.S. cities in the COVID-19 era, according to a new report from the privately owned insurance agency Freeway Insurance.

Freeway recently conducted an analysis of the safest and least safe U.S. cities with an estimated population of at least 500,000 people, the company said in a news release. Analysts used the most recent data from municipal and regional police forces under the Uniform Crime Report guidelines issued by the FBI.

Using that data, analysts rated U.S. cities based on a special safety ranking that combined the cities’ rates of violent crime, murder and property crime.

The 10 safest cities were:

• San Diego, California

• Mesa, Arizona

• New York, New York

• San Jose, California

• Phoenix, Arizona

• Boston, Massachusetts

• Portland, Oregon

• Oklahoma City

• Los Angeles, California

• San Antonio, Texas

The 10 least safe cities were:

• Baltimore, Maryland

• Dallas, Texas

• Albuquerque, New Mexico

• Austin, Texas

• Miami, Florida

• Oakland, California

• NewOrleans, Louisiana

• Las Vegas, Nevada

• Minneapolis, Minnesota

• Nashville, Tennessee